10 Seconds Under Paris

10,000 Volts Is Not Always Enough To Kill A Man


Ignorance Is Bliss

Pineapple Head

Somewhere In My Heart

Susssannah Devoured My Gramophone Collection

Our Lady Of The Wayside Cannot Learn To Love The Grey

With Enough Junk I Can Build The Greatest Of Palaces

Anyway You Want It

Can I Play With Madness

Every Stray Bullet Carves A Bloody Swathe Through History

Hey Sandy


Something To Amaze You


I Got You

Only Fools And Horses Theme

Southern Central Rain (I'm Sorry)

The Manichean Takes On The World

Middle Management

NUMA Aware

Baby Shakes And The River Styx

The Sound Of Combustion

A Short Song About Killing

The South (Part One)

Tales OF 100 Dead Men

Father Tongue

Dig Your Own Grave And Save

The Precious Secrets Of Homebaking