Devil And Casey Jones Rule Intensive Care


1. Johnny U And The Universe

2. The Humiliating Shame Of Being Caught Alive

3. A Dream Job In Security

4. Henry Rollins And Lydia Lunch

5. New Godz Gone Soft

6. No True Love For The Likes Of You

7. That's How People Get Hurt

8. The Spirit And Purpose Of Geography

9. The Happy Malpractioneer

10. In Defiance Of Medical Science

11. Infirm In The Infirmary

12. As Far From The Slab As You Can Get


Some Demos for the album that didn't make it past the selection process.

Brad Renfro's Blues

The Humiliating Shame Of Being Caught Alive (4 Track Demo)


The Arena Of Gentlemanly Debate

Right Now There's Someone Driving Around With A Corpse In Their Boot

A Little Bit Of Mechanical Failure Goes A Long Way

Kiss The Kremlin Goodbye, Baby!

Memoirs Of A Church Appointed Excruciator

Shank And Shimmy