A Year In The Thug Jug With Devil And Casey Jones

1. 1634 Racine

2. The Frankensteiner Gas

3. Devil And Casey Jones Play God

4. I Bought A Gun From A Catalogue

5. 10 Seconds Under Paris

6. A Sore Loser

7. On The Ass End Of An Ass Kicking

8. The Nativity

9. Anything You Can Build With Lego I Can Build With Duplo And It Will Be Bigger And Therefore Better

10. Guitar Vs. The Sun

11. Bass Vs. Treble

12. Zombie Vs. Robo-Zombie

13. Bowler Hat Vs. Handlebar Moustache

14. Magnetic Four Vs. Unicron

15. Verse Vs. Chorus

16. Moulded Plastic Neon Jesus Vs. Guestimate Jones

17. Us Vs. Them

18. A Short Song About Killing


Here's an outtake from this period in time.



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